Why Are Contractors Still Burning Their Time and Budgets on Stuff That Doesn't Work?


  • Overpriced, non-exclusive pay-per-lead.
  • Oversaturated and overpriced home shows.
  • Referral services that charge a % of your gross contract.
  • Door hangers, door flyers, door knocking, door anything.
  • High priced print ads in product publications that have high circulation but just don’t produce.

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Optimize Your Contracting Company With These Marketing Ideas

Are you stuck working in your business instead of on your business? I’ve been there before, I feel your pain.

Running a small general contracting company in Sacramento, there were a number of things that challenged me and took up loads of my time as the business owner. I knew some things just had to be done… but I didn’t have a good process set up! So I couldn’t confidently hand it off to someone else.

I started building processes and freeing myself, one thing at a time.

For example, below you’ll find my “4 Front Customer Review System” which tackles one of the essential things contractors depend on: reviews and word of mouth.

I took the liberty to producing a few how-to’s and videos on how I’ve solved a few vital systems within my own contracting company in Sacramento.  I hope you find them useful for your business.

4 Ways to Get More Leads from Your Free GMB Listing

Why pay for leads when you can generate them yourself?

I never understood paying companies like Home Advisor gobs of cash for leads that weren’t even exclusive.

Here’s a quick video on squeezing the most leads out of your free Google My Business Listing.

The "4 Front Customer Review System"

Reviews are so important for contractors and home service companies, they’re the online version of your “word of mouth” marketing channel.

It would be a big mistake to leave generating these to chance, one bad review can spoil the whole bunch.

This is our process we use to get 2-3  positive reviews per month.

The "Yelp Lead Secret" Nobody Talks About

I hate Yelp.

But, like most home service companies, they account for a lot of our leads. And I can’t ignore this fact.

I’m going to share a secret a lot of folks don’t know about. 

It will put you head and shoulders about the competition and won’t break the bank, either. I talk about how we use it below


“Andrew does a lot of online marketing for me. Online marketing is super tough. He does a great job.”

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