“What’s the Big deal?”

“You Guys Are Everywhere!”

How Many of Your Customers Have Told You This Before?

The “Multichannel Marketing Blueprint” Is A NO B.S. Framework On Building Out Synergistic Marketing Systems To Get More Jobs on Autopilot

Download this guide book and you’ll have more of your customers saying, “You guys are everywhere!” – that’s how you know what you’re doing is working.

The most sustainable home service companies that grow over time are the ones that leverage their brand, good name, and promote themselves over multiple channels.

They literally put themselves…EVERYWHERE!

This guide will not only break down the secrets behind putting your company name everywhere…

…but I’ll also walk you through the principles of squeezing high quality leads out of each channel.

We’ll cover:

  • The pros and cons of each marketing channel and how they compare to each other.
  • Pitfalls and traps to be aware of. 
  • The best way to use each channel to promote your brand as a whole, in a synergistic way.
  • The new rules for selling yourself online and how to get sales without being “salesy”.
  • Why some marketing channels don’t seem to work for some and why they seem to work like gang busters for others.


“Sometimes you have to experiment with a lot of different ideas and see what works.

But to see any success, you need a strategy, framework, a basic blueprint. 

While you can throw darts at the wall and hope you hit something that works, it’s much better to go into into it with a game plan.”

Andrew Scherer

The lead gen landscape changed quickly, especially for contractors and home service companies.

What worked just 10 years ago doesn’t work anymore.

Quality leads can no longer be found by posting on Craigslist or advertising in the Yellow Pages.

So what’s actually working right now?

A few things, actually.

The internet is diverse and you can harness the lead generation power of a few different sources.

Get more in-depth, go ahead and download my “Multichannel Marketing Blueprint” PDF guide for free!

Ask these guys, it works…

The Multichannel Approach Works Across All Types of Home Services…

“The key to Continuous and repetitive company VISIBILITY”

Do Contractors Really Understand Branding?

If you read anything at all in the “Multichannel Marketing Blueprint” do yourself a favor, skip to the section on branding.

Most contractors don’t understand branding, but through no fault of their own. 99.9% of the marketing training out there most likely doesn’t talk about branding.

Most folks believe that branding requires a giant budget, but in the local marketing space this is simply not so.

You can be a major brand in your community, and certainly around your jobsites. I’m sure you’ve heard about becoming the “big fish in a small pond” – same idea!

The “small town” rules once again apply to marketing, even the little guys can compete on a level playing field with the big boys.

Everyone has the ability to create a stunning branded website, promote themselves across multiple channels, and get the “You guys are everywhere” comments that you want to hear.

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